Walther Electirc Building Walther's mechanical interlock receptacles are built to IEC 309-1 and 309-2 specifications and are completely compatible with not only Walther IEC 309-2 plugs, but with any manufacturer's plugs that conform to the IEC standards and coding system...anywhere in the world.

Designed to combine a disconnect switch and a receptacle into one compact device. Walther's mechanical interlock receptacles eliminate the possibility of making or breaking the circuit under load or making a haphazard connection. A mechanism within the enclosure prevents the switch from being turned to the "ON" position until the plug is fully engaged into the receptacle. Once inserted, the plug is locked in place when the switch is turned on and can't be removed until the switch is turned to the "OFF" position. This prevents making or breaking the circuit under load.

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Liquid Tight Dome Connectors


Walther Electirc Building

Non-Metallic Liquid Tight Strain Reliefs

Dome-Cap strain relief connectors exceed NEMA 6 liquid tight specifications, are suitable for use underwater to 300 feet, are rated at IP68 with a working temperature range of -30°C to +80°C, and can withstand water pressure up to 70 psig. All connectors meet or exceed UL, CSA and VDE specifications.

The Dome-Cap connector fits a wide range of cord diameters and is easily installed in either clearance or threaded holes. The connectors are well suited for cables used with fiber optics, computers, control cabinets, instruments, medical/dental equipment, car washes, hot tubs, and carpet cleaning machines.

They are also resistant to salt water, weak acids, weak alkaHs, alcohol, esters, ketones, gasoline, mineral oil, animal and vegetable oil.