Walther Electirc Building Walther Electric Inc. is pleased to present the latest member of the ProconboxX family:

The iStart is a forward – reverse motor starter using solid state relays in a self contained IP65 enclosure, allowing for versatility in mounting locations!

Wiring for both direction conditions are already integrated, and by using our proprietary SSR technology we have eliminated the need for dual contactors and mechanical interlocks - thereby reducing both cabinet space requirements and wiring times.

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Walther Electric Corporation is a U.S. subsidiary of Walther Werke, Ferdinand Walther GmbH, located in Eisenberg, Germany. Walther is an international company committed to serving customers around the world with innovative plug and receptacle systems. With subsidiary offices and distribution centers in the United States, Germany, United Kingdom, France and Austria, cooperatively working with agents located in more than 70 other countries, product accessibility and support are available to equipment manufactures, plants and construction sites worldwide.

Walther Electirc Building

One of Walther’s many strengths is its uncompromising attention to detail. No short cuts. Just strict standards of consummate quality. Following an aggressive program to certify its manufacturing facilities, Walther has earned ISO 9001 certification.

Since 1897, Walther has been known for its innovative design and manufacturing capabilities for not only meeting, but often exceeding the industry requirements for higher safety demands, better performance and standardized electrical systems.


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