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Walther Electric designs and builds cable assemblies and wiring harnesses from the most basic cable to a complex and challenging design. We manufacture rugged cable assemblies with heavy duty rectangular connectors, IEC, NEMA, CS, CAMLOK, or connector of your choice for industrial power solutions.

Our power cable assemblies are 100% pretested and labeled for easy installation & accurate tracking. Manufactured in a controlled environment, with industrial grade components, and engineered to the highest level of quality for reliability and safety.

IEC Cable Assemblies

IEC 60309 Cable Assembly

Walther designs & manufactures IEC60309 cable assemblies that meet your specifications. “Pin & Sleeve” connectors are used in high power applications up to 100 amps and ideal for areas that are subject to wet or damp environments and applications where a “robust” connector is required. Walther is a market leader in manufacturing IEC60309 pin & sleeve connectors and have the most comprehensive product offering in the industry.

Industries: Data Centers, Food & Beverage Industry, Manufacturing plants, Ship Building ports, Entertainment & Sporting events.

NEMA Cable Assemblies

NEMA Cable Assembly

Twist Lock power cords are very popular in multiple industries. The NEMA style connector has a curved blade design that allows for a “twisting & locking” feature that will guard against accidental disconnect from a power source.

Industries: Manufacturing plants, Entertainment & Theater, Commercial use.

CAMLOK Cable Assemblies

CAMLOK Cable Assembly

A single pole connector that delivers power from a “power source” such as a generator to a load center or portable power distribution unit. This type of interconnect is generally used when your requirement calls for more than 100 amps up to 400amps. CAMLOKS are ideal in applications where “daisy chain” or series of portable power units are connected to the main power source.

Industries: Entertainment industry or Special Events, Conventions, and Sporting Events.

Catalogs & Brochure Downloads

  • IEC 60309 Pin & Sleeve Devices (Full Catalog) 6.95 MBWalther's pin & sleeve devices are built to IEC 60309-1 and 60309-2 specifications and are interchangeable with other manufacturers who conform to the IEC standards and color coding system...anywhere in the world.
  • IEC 60309 Part Number Cross Reference Sheet 604 KBWalther offers the widest variety of plugs, receptacles, connectors and inlets made of the highest quality and design integrity in both splash-proof and watertight versions.