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Walther Electric welcomes the opportunity to manufacture custom power distribution systems (PDS) built to your requirements. Our application engineers are ready & willing to provide assistance and support during the technical specification & design process.

The Walther combination outlet system uses standard NEMA wiring devices, IEC309 pin & sleeve connectors, CAM connectors, or practically any type of connector that meets your specific requirements.

Best of all, overload protection is typically provided with built-in circuit breakers that are easily accessible by opening the see-through side entry cover/door. The Walther power distribution system is also available fused, with RCD’s GFCI breakers or practically any type of overload protection that meets your requirements. Each portable power distribution box is inspected and tested in accordance with EN 60 439-1; 1994 table 7, A copy of the test certificate is provided with each unit. This test data is also preserved and can be retrieved for future reference.

Power Distribution System (PDS) & Portable Power Distribution Units (PDU)


Walther Electric offers stock and custom-built power distribution systems, integrating multiple variations of receptacles, plugs and inlets that are identified as “Combination Outlets”.

Our Power Distribution Systems combine multiple receptacles or an assortment of receptacles into one compact enclosure. By integrating numerous receptacles in one electrical enclosure, multiple conduit runs with individual branch circuit wiring can be eliminated; resulting in significantly reducing material costs. The combination outlets are shipped completely wired ready for use and in most applications require only one connection to an incoming current supply.

HEB 3106 Power Distribution Unit (PDU)
HEB 3106 Power Distribution Unit (PDU)

Features & Benefits

  • Solid Rubber enclosure is “non-conductive”
  • PDS’s can be “custom” made to your specification
  • Versatile & allows for multiple types of interconnects such as
  • IEC 309,CAM,Stage Pin, Twist Lock, Edison, etc.
  • Internal breaker or fuse protected by a transparent hinged cover
  • Compact & robust, & portable with top mounted handle
  • Black in color can be used in nuclear facilities
  • Modular design allows for “multiple tier” construction
  • Thick construction wall will not warp or crack
  • UV resistant allows for use outdoors in harsh environments

Stackable portable power distribution solution


You can stack up to 10 PDU's requiring less storage space and making it easier to transport. The enclosure is UL 50 and made of heavy duty, robust rubber.



  • Portable Power Distribution Units - and Accessories 19.65 MBPower Distribution Systems (PDS) & Portable Power Distribution Units (PDU). Custom-built distribution systems optimizing power from substation to individual load. Temporary power boxes fitted with multiple outputs. Stock and custom units available.
  • Custom PDU Quote Request Form 1.42 MBIf you think it - we can build it! Fill out this form and fax or email for a custom PDU quote tailored to your power distribution needs.