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Maximum user benefits


Easier and better in every way:
The new NEO CEE plugs and sockets are characterized by a wealth of practical and innovative optimizations. Three product variants were developed for different requirements: Classic, One-Touch and IPD.

Product Video CEE NEO

Product benefits

One-Touch Closure System

  • A quarter turn connects the front and rear parts and automatically activates the interior strain relief in a single operation
  • Audible feedback on locking
  • No material fatigue on the strain relief, tension acts on the cable

Optimised Cover Design

  • Wider opening angle of the coupling cover for force shearing in the event of mechanical resistance
  • Easy connection of the plug and coupling, since the cover can be held perfectly in the open position
  • Improved geometries all round ensure greaterhousing stability

Simple housing opening

  • No wear on the closure mechanism with multiple use
  • Intuitive user guidance
  • Horizontal working angle excludes the risk of injury if the screwdriver slips

Innovative Design

  • Unique product design
  • Coloured ring for voltage labelling as per standard requirements

IPD System integration

  • The first intelligent CEE plug connection with the ability to transfer operating status via integrated PCBs and Bluetooth

Increased standard protection

  • Increase in the standard protection category from IP44 to IP54 (dust protection)
  • Additional version in IP67

Improved Connection Technology

A cage tension spring (CAGE-CLAMP®) enables a screwless connection and saves time during assembly. The ease of use of the terminal clamp lever and the frequent reconnection has proven itself internationally. WAGO's CAGE-CLAMP® connection technology has gained worldwide acceptance with all major international approvals.

The use of Torx screws on the screw contact ensures optimum power transmission and a longer life of the screw heads.


Screwless connection with cage tension spring

Screw connection with
Torx screws

The right solution for every application

for classic  Applications

Traditional product exhibition with external strain relief at the smallest possible size

For Professional Applications

Optimized for fast assembly and reconnection, maximum operational safety

for the future-oriented application

Developed for IoT applications with data collection and data transfer


  • NEO - More than a Plug 25 MBThe evolution of CEE plug and socket devices - NEO Classic will be available in US 2021